About Us


About Us

We are Health Professionals and Healthcare Service is a Team work. Inspiration comes from the Leader that flows through rest of the team members to reach patients who bear fruits of the hard work. Treating Addiction problems, chronic painful diseases and various Psychiatric conditions in relation with different patient’s Genetic makeup is tough as well as, quite selective. It requires Experience and Deep study of Bio genomics. Prescribing medications which response best to patients with particular phenotypes which is determined by their genotypes is a Skillful Job. Our Leader provides this knowledge to the Team which works in its Best capacity for the Good of all Patients. He is experienced and His Team is Enthusiastic. We are totally committed to our work.

Family Medicine and Rehabilitation Center, PC is a Qualified Health Care Organization, has established clinics at Clayton, Goldsboro, Kinston, Morehead City, Henderson, and Knightdale in North Carolina providing multiple services.

We are providing quality care and services to the community in Clayton, NC, which includes Primary Care and Family Medicine, Interventional Pain Management and Pediatrics services.

Primary Care at FMRC Clinics provides a wide range of services from health routine exam to managing chronic conditions. Our doctors and health professionals promote good health through preventative medicine, health screenings and health education.

FMRC Clinics is one of the most reputed Interventional Pain Clinics offering the latest pain services. It is a state-of-the-art Rehabilitation Center providing pain management for several types of pain which are both acute and chronic in nature by the use of some of the most advanced technology.

FMRC Clinics strives to provide immediate needs of sick or injured children, along with a child’s long-term health and quality of life. We truly believe in the word “Pediatrics” and its cognates mean “Healer of Children”, that’s why we provide wholeheartedly services to the children.
We accept Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Private Insurances and Self-pay patients.




The Ground work for all the Happiness is Good Health which is regarded among the Greatest Blessings bestowed upon us. Worthy are those who strive in providing standard Healthcare to those who are ailing. Caritative, been this and is Glorified that Person who saves and willfully tries to aid in the Cure of others, is a Savior of All and Humanity. It has been rightly said that one who has Health, is Happy and who is Happy, has everything. Healthy citizens are the Greatest Asset any Country can have. Maintaining Good Health and Providing Best possible Healthcare has always been, the Prime Objective. Our Setup provides Physical and Mental Healthcare. Deprimary care needs.

pending upon the patient’s genetic makeup, we select suitable Drugs meant to respond better in the Management of Painful and Longstanding diseases. We treat the Person as a whole

FMRC is a physician-directed medical practice, caring for patients with addiction issues, chronic pain, mental health issues.

We offer a physical medicine & rehabilitation physician who is board certified in chronic pain and in addiction medicine offering the treatment of suboxone.

We also offer primary care services with experienced medical providers who are responsive to the needs of patients living within the counties that we serve.

We are here to care for patients; their needs will be given the highest priority and they will be treated with the highest level of respect, compassion, and dignity at all times.

We will support each community we serve and utilize local hospitals when appropriate. Our office hours in Henderson are Monday thru Friday 9 am until 430pm

Through our many community programs, we are committed to support the medically underserved. Business operations, including the coding and billing services will be conducted with the highest ethical standards

Our Physicians


Our Physicians

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Maqsood Ahmed, MD

Pain and Addiction medicine



ABM Enayet Ullah, MD

Primary care and addiction medicine

ABM E. Ullah, MD is a licensed medical practitioner who studied at University of Chittagong Medical School, Bangladesh, he graduated in 1979. He furthered his education and training in the United States, and completed his Residency in Internal Medicine at Wyckoff heights Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY. He did Fellowship Program in Cardiovascular Disease from Mt. Sinai Medical Center, Miami Beach, Florida. He has North Carolina Medical Board License and Internal Medicine Board Certification. He has been practicing Internal Medicine and Primary Care for over 25 years and has been affiliated with Family Medicine and Rehabilitation Center for 2 years. He recently started providing Suboxone treatment to Substance Abuse patients at FMRC.



James T. Skeen, MD

Pain and Regenerative Medicine

James T Skeen, MD Medicine, is an experienced Interventional Pain Physician. He was the Medical Director, President and CEO of Carolina Center for Pain. He got State of the art procedural skills, patient evaluation skills and communication skills. After a career of treating intra-operative, post-operative and chronic pain, Dr. Skeen understands the pain process from anatomic, physiologic and psychological viewpoints and has the interventional and procedural skills to ameliorate the pain generator and return patients to an active and productive life. Dr. Skeen also uses Regenerative Therapy with Adult Stem Cells and Platelet Rich Plasma for various tendon and joint injuries.

Dr. Skeen reinvented himself as an anti-aging doctor. He limited his pain practice and opened a new corporation in November,2015 with a new office and a new focus, Via Renew Greensboro. The office in Knightdale will be named Via Renew Raleigh and will be a separate corporate entity from VRG.


Dr Zahid Rauf (1)

Zahid Rauf, MD

Psychiatry And Addiction Medicine

Zahid Rauf, MD is a licensed medical practitioner who studied at Allama Iqbal Medical College, Lahore, Pakistan, he graduated in 1983. He did General Medical Practice in Lahore, Pakistan and then he furthered his education and training in the United States, and completed his Residency in General Psychiatry at North Shore University Hospital-N.Y.U School of Medicine. He has been practicing Psychiatry for 30 years and has been affiliated with Cherry Hospital for 16 years. He received Five and Ten Years Dedicated Service Award from Cherry Hospital. He served as Sub-Investigator for national study on Psychopharmacological Interventions for children with ADHD. He publications include Testosterone Abuse & Affective Disorders by W. Rashid, R. Hersch and Z. Rauf. He is currently licensed to Practice Medicine & Surgery in State of North Carolina and Wisconsin. He has ABPN - Board Certification in General Psychiatry. He has current affiliation with Brody School of Medicine, East Carolina University as Associate Professor of Psychiatric Medicine.


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Monique Mustafa

Medical Research Associate

Monique Mustafa is a medical graduate who completed her undergraduate studies in Beijing, China before receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery from Punjab University, Pakistan in 2004. As an undergraduate, she had a special interest in music, performing arts, community service and Behavioural Sciences. She was an active participant of Patient Welfare Society and Polio Eradication Program in Pakistan. After her internship in Medicine and Surgery, she worked for some time as a medical officer in-charge of a busy Coronary Care Unit in a private hospital and then took some time off to raise two children. She then restarted her career by joining the field of Internal Medicine at Arizona and Lumberton, NC and achieved her ECFMG certification in 2014. During the same time she discovered her passion and aptitude for Psychiatry and gained rich clinical experience in both indoor and outdoor management, through a number of externships at Atlanta, GA, Leesburg, Fl and Goldsboro, NC. She has excellent communication skills and possesses a high degree of empathy, which lends her the ability to manage patients, suffering from various mental health disorders with conviction, ease and comfort.



Margaret J. Brewer

Advanced practice Nurse

Our Therapist


Our Therapist

dr chadswick

Richard Chadwick


Richard H. Chadwick is a Licensed Professional Counselor – Associate (LPC-A) from NCBLPC and Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist and Clinical Supervisor Intern (LCAS-CSI) from NCSAPPB. He did M.S., Substance Abuse and Clinical Counseling from East Carolina University, Greenville, NC in 2014. He is providing extensive individual and group counseling services for more than 2 years. His areas of interest and/or training include Illness/Wellness Management and Recovery (IMR/WMR), Person Centered Planning (PCP), Behavior Therapies, Mindfulness and Relaxation Training, Self-Help Group/12-Step Facilitation, Substance Use, Motivational Interviewing (MI), Strategic and Structural Family Therapies, and Solution-Focused Brief Therapy.

Speaking, Mentoring, Volunteering, Serving, Coaching, Attending, Observing, Enduring, Self-Actualizing


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Angela Mason


Angela M. Mason is a Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist (LCAS) and Internationally Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (ICAADC). She did Master’s from East Carolina University, Greenville, NC in 2006 with major Substance Abuse Studies and with other coursework Alcohol and Drug Addiction, Social Work, Psychology, Mental Health, Pharmacology, Rehabilitation, Treatment and Recovery. She has 16 years of experience in providing Substance Abuse Counseling, Social Work, and Human Services. At Family Medicine and Rehabilitation Center, she conducts comprehensive clinical assessment of clients with opiates addiction, develops Person-Centered Plans and treatment recommendations, provides individual/group therapy sessions for clients who are receiving Suboxone treatments, conducts group sessions which focus on education, prevention, skill building, and relapse prevention, conducts Crisis Planning and Crisis Intervention, provides referrals for inpatient treatment, medical, psychiatric care, and local AA/NA support groups, maintains case management and accurate documentation of progress notes.

She did several job related trainings including Suicide Prevention Awareness, Addiction: A Treatable Brain Disease, Treatment of Children of Alcoholics, Tobacco Treatment Training, Substance Abuse Considerations for Emerging Adults and Young Adulthood of Group Therapy, The Spiritual Dynamics of Group Therapy, Treatment Planning and Dually-Diagnosed Clients, Helping People Change in a Changing Environment, Substance-Related and Personality Disorders, A Bio-Psychosocial Approach for Working with Co-occurring Disorders, Best Practices for the Intervention and Treatment of Persons with HIV and Mental Health and Substance Abuse etc.



Mary Bellizia


Mary K. Bellizia is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker –Registered and Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor. She did B.S., Psychology in 1998 from SUNY Empire State College, Elmira, NY and she was in the Dean’s List Honors. She completed M.S.W. in 2001 from Marywood University, School of Social Work, Scranton, PA. She has 23 years of experience in providing Alcohol & Drug Counseling, Outpatient and Inpatient Counseling, Adolescent & Adult Counseling, Psychotherapy and Social Work. She is a dynamic professional with proven experience leading programs and delivering services to a diverse population with varying mental health and substance abuse issues. She works with both adults and adolescents. She provides treatment recommendations, individual and group counseling as well as case management. Credentials / Specialized Training/ Affiliation



Robyn Renee King


I have a Masters of Science in Professional Counseling, Masters of Science in Addictions Counseling and a Bachelor's of Science in Business in Administration/emphasis in accounting. I am a detailed orientated and able to take initiative. I work well with the public, and coworkers, and enjoy working in the profession of human services. I am able to take direction and work independently within the defined guidelines of your facility. I am proficient in balancing multiple activities, and keep records in a detailed and orderly fashion. I am also able to direct clients to appropriate resources, and have a compassionate attitude. 


Our Staff


Our Staff

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Allison Jones-Taylor (Office Manager, Kinston)                           Amelia Thigpen (Office Manager, Goldsboro)


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Tonya Fletcher (Office Manager, Morehead City)                          Kristin Simpson, Office Manager (Handerson &                                                                                                                Knightedale)


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Ashley Merrill (Certified M.A Goldsboro and Kinston)            Debra Bickle (certified RMA-MOA, Morehead City)                                                                                                       


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Jaimee Davis (Front Desk, Goldsboro)                                           Christina Diescher (Front Desk, Morehead City)  


   Morehead City Staff(Christina,Tonya,Debra)

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