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Pharmacogenomics is the study of genetic variations that influence individual response to drugs. Knowing whether a patient carries any of these genetic variations can help prescribers individualize drug therapy, decrease the chance for adverse drug events, and increase the effectiveness of drugs.

Pharmacogenomics combines traditional pharmaceutical sciences such as biochemistry with an understanding of common DNA variations in the human genome. An individual's response to a drug is often linked to these common DNA variations. In a similar manner, susceptibility to certain diseases is also influenced by common DNA variations. Pharmacogenomics has the Potential to provide tailored drug therapy based on genetically determined variation in effectiveness and side effects. This means; More powerful medicines, Better, safer drugs the first time and More accurate methods of determining appropriate drug dosages.

Pharmacogenomics eventually can lead to an overall decrease in the cost of health care because of decreases in:

  • The number of adverse drug reactions
  • The number of medications patients must take to find an effective therapy
  • The effects of a disease on the body (through early detection).
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